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Illustration for Turmoil and Harmony/Aquamarine Key

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Title:  Deryan's Portrait
Author: amythystluna 
Rating:  PG-13
Prompt/Challenge:  The Aquamarine Key
Summary:  Portrait of the Aquamarine Key--goes along with/mentioned in the fic, but can stand on its own, too
Warnings:  none really. . . perilously deep cut robes, perhaps. . . .
A/N:  hair and robes were pretty much taken directly from the key description.  Done in Photoshop, key and aquamarines used for background courtesy of googleimage :)

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Round 2 Keys - Please read!

We've had a bit of an issue. Because of the way the claiming worked out, the only Key currently left was created by the only person who has not yet claimed a Key. To keep the original creator from having to write her own Key, we've created two additional Keys for this round. Since we didn't think it was fair to throw these two in and not open them to everyone, below the cut you will find the original 13 Keys and the 2 additional Keys. If you decide you would like to exchange your current Key for one of the new ones, comment to this entry with the Key you already claimed and the new one you'd like to claim. Your previous Key will then be opened back up to everyone.

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Round 1 Keys - The Musical Keys - Abandoned Keys

The following Keys from round 1 have been dropped by their original owners, and are now up for claim by anyone who wishes to write them. You do not need to have created a Key for round one to be eligible to write for one of the abandoned Keys.

The Blues Key

The Chorale Key

The Hard Rock Key

The Techno Key

The Tenor Key

If you wish to claim one of these Keys, post here and it will be assigned to you. Your deadline for your Key will be the same as the current round deadline - December 31st. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Round 2 Keys - The Gemstone Keys - Claim Post

This is the claim post for the second round of Key Fic. Unlike in the official Key games, we're letting you see the descriptions of the Keys before you pick one. All of the links below go to the Key Fic archive that we have set up for the express purpose of this game. Read the Key descriptions and then post a comment below claiming the Key you want to write or draw for. Keys are first come, first served.

Because there is already so much going on this fall in fandom, deadline for this round is December 31st. All fics and pictures are due by December 31st.

Unlike some other writing challenges, this will not be an anonymous posting challenge. Your claim will be anonymous, but when you've completed your story or your picture, you can just post it yourself rather than emailing it to us. You do not have to wait until the deadline to post - in fact, if you get your work done before the deadline, we'd actually prefer you to go ahead and post it, since it's very likely that there will be a mass flood of postings right around the deadline. *grin*

So good luck to everyone! I hope you get the Key you want, and I hope you have a blast with this!

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