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key_fic's Journal

Unofficial Key Fic Game
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Community for Unofficial Key Fic Games
This is a community for UNOFFICIAL Key Fic games. We make no pretense of being affiliated with the Official Key Games which can be found archived here. We just really liked the concept and wanted to see it brought back.

Don't know what a Key Game is? Read the post here to find out about it.

To join up please do the following:

1. Click the 'join' link (found at the top of this page)

2. Copy the following disclaimer (structure of which has been borrowed from hpvamp) and fill in the correct bits:

I, (username) , member of key_fic, am over the age of consent (insert age of consent)[if you do not know go with 18], in my region (insert name of region). I understand the content of the community is fiction and that it will contain slash as well as het pairings. I have read the community policies, and shall abide by them.

3. Then post it here.

4. Make sure your birth year is visible in your profile. Because a number of people have recently been caught lying on their disclaimer, we will now be verifying birthdays.

One of the mods will then approve your membership.

Please 'friends lock' all NC-17 posts Thank you.


1. Only participants of current Key games are allowed to post on the community. We do not accept posts of independent Key fics outside of our game.

2. Please post all fics behind lj-cuts. Don't know how? Go here to learn.

3. If you wish to post a link to your fic that is fine, but the post you link to must be unlocked. Do not post links to locked entries.

4. Please beta your work! (have at least one person proof read for you. There are things even spell check won't catch!) Spelling and grammatical errors tend to bring the flow of a fic to a grinding halt. We won't throw you out for not doing this, but you're likely to have lots more readers if you do.

5. We want to make this a safe place to be creative and original. Everything that is posted in the community is ART. Someone has poured their love and time into every fic. If you don't like someone's work, you can:
a) say nothing
b) leave feedback that is kind and constructive

6. To be a member you must be over the age of majority depending on where you live (UK 16 etc), but only NC17 fics will be friends locked so anyone may read the rest and watch the comm. Please make sure you follow the 'how to join' rules at the top of the page, just so we can make sure we all stay out of jail.

7. Please do not disable comments on posts -it makes it very hard for mods to tell you if something needs changing about a post.

8. The rating system is as follows:

NC17 - explicit adult themes, be it sex or violence
R - non-explicit adult theme, be it sex or violence
PG13 - some content not suitable for younger viewers
PG - some content not suitable for kiddies
G - suitable for all audiences

Flaming (saying rude nasty things about someone's work) is not welcome here.

The Unofficial Key Fic Archive